Reader comments:

"What a masterful work of satire! If straight out common sense or humanity or love for the horse or wisdom doesn't get 'them' may be this will.  I shall send it to everyone.” Elayne B.

"This is a sharp, witty book with superb illustrations, I recommend it highly to anyone who is concerned about where competitive dressage is going.  Michelle Guillot predicted the advent of the Totilas super horse with her Tarantulus, and the introduction of costumes is not far behind with the FEI's recent decision to allow color and color pipping for coats, hats, gloves, breeches and boots. The future is here, and it does look like Nascar is not far off at all. ”  Caroline L.

“Whilst Rollkur and abuse of horses is a truly horrific thing to watch, reading your book hasmade me laugh hysterically . The art work is amazing and the in-depth knowledge of where dressage is going wrong is thing I have seen in a long time.”  Rachel H.
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